About GRIN

GRIN (General practice Research on Infections Network, formerly General practice Respiratory Infections Network) is a European network of researchers studying respiratory tract and other infections in primary care.

The key issues of GRIN are:

  • Exchange ideas and keep informed about current research
  • Compare guidelines on respiratory and other infections
  • Find consensus on the state of the art on different subjects and formulate European guidelines
  • Set up international studies.

The organisation consists of experts in the field from nearly all European countries, from Asia, Australia, and the United States of America. Members have contributed in national and international guidelines and are part of international collaborations in targeting antimicrobial resistance due to inappropriate management of respiratory tract and other infections.

The network:

  • is interested in acute respiratory and other infections regardless of causative organism
  • concentrates on questions that have clear relevance to primary care and an added value from international setting
  • facilitates contacts and collaboration between researchers in different countries for example by arranging workshops and seminars, planning and carrying out joint study projects, disseminating information to support evidence-based practice, using a multiprofessional approach.