In Australia, there is no official guideline, but the most used are Therapeutic Guidelines, which is an independent non-profit company. It is user pays, however.

In Belgium (Flanders) the guidelines that are of interest for our Grin group can be found at 

after each guideline the year of publication is mentioned with the note “actueel” or “in herziening”. The first is referring to the fact that the guideline is ok and recently have been updated. The latter term means that it has to revised.

Most important recent guidelines are:

Preventie van influenza in de huisartsenpraktijk (2018; Actueel)

Acute Keelpijn (2017; Actueel)

Aanhoudende hoest bij kinderen (2016;  Actueel)

Cystitis bij vrouwen (2016; actueel)

There is also a BAPCOC guide which provides a practical overview of current guidelines concerning infectious diseases. Short treatment recommendations are given. The 3th edition will be ready at the end of 2018.

Almost all French guidelines related to infectious diseases are available here:

National antibiotic prescribing guidelines are also included in a widely-used primary care computerised decision-support system:

Here is the link of the guidelines published by the German Guidelines of the German College of General Practitioners and Family Physicians 

This is another link to the guidelines of the Association of the Scientific Medical Societies (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Wissenschaftlichen Medizinischen Fachgesellschaften, AWMF) of Germany. The AWMF develops recommendations and resolutions and represents them at the institutions occupied with such tasks, i.e. in the area of research strategies, education, and postgraduate training.

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About antibiotics prescribing in primary care. Guidelines on prescribing antibiotics for adults and children.

Dutch primary care guidelines are available at:

Please find below the link to Polish guidlines for antibiotic use in community acquired respiratory tract infections, part of the package of National Program of Antibiotics Protection, led by the National Institut of Medicines.


The Swedish guidelines for infections in primary care are presented on the “Strama” page. There you can find recommendations for treatment of infections for both primary and secondary care.

We also have a short version with all recommendations for infections in primary care gathered in a small booklet – the Rainbow-booklet – which you also can find on that page. A new version of that booklet will be presented in a couple of months

NICE/PHE guidance for common infections in primary care has been published (31st October 2018): in summary table format.

PHE context, references and rationales can be found at: